Helping you to find employment, while developing your money management abilities.
MoneyMentor is the latest service designed by Future Path, a friendly, professional Barnet-based company that specialises  in helping people to find work. MoneyMentor can help you to: 1. Find a job that’s right for you. 2. Keep your bill money safe 3. Develop your money management skills 4. Manage your money once you’re in work Frequently Asked Questions What does MoneyMentor do? MoneyMentor is a programme designed to help you be able to manage your finances effectively, find work, and cope  financially in the early weeks of employment. Is MoneyMentor right for me? The programme is designed to support people who really want to work, but need help in getting the job, and getting their finances right. If that sounds like you, then yes! Different people need the financial guidance for different reasons - you may have a problem, such as an addiction, that has led to money problems; you might be homeless - or just not great at  planning your spending. Whatever the reason, MoneyMentor is there to help you out. How long does MoneyMentor last? You will work with your Mentor for up to 6 months, working together to find you a job, whilst agreeing how you’ll spend the money you have coming in. Over the 6 months, your Mentor will encourage you to become more and more independent of the programme. Once you’re in work, the support doesn’t stop! Your Mentor will be in close contact, to make sure that  everything is going as planned. What can my Mentor do for me? That depends on what you need! We’ll start by carrying out a thorough assessment of your money situation, barriers to  employment and job goals. From there, your Mentor will agree your plan with you, including how often you will work  together, how (in person, over the phone, via email, etc.) and from there, we will deliver or facilitate the support you need to move nearer to, and hopefully into, employment. Will you find me a job? Your Mentor will work with you to decide what job searching activity will be done, and by who. You might be asked to find vacancies (and given advice on how), and/or your Mentor might do this on your behalf. We work with a number of local  employers, and will see if we can match your job goals with their vacancies. Once you or your Mentor find a relevant vacancy, you will be able to access help in applying, and - if you would benefit from it - preparation for the interview, including “mock” interviewing to practice your technique. What is a CredeCard account and do I have to have one? The CredeCard Plus service is a pre-paid debit card that you can use like a bank account. You can set up payments, use it to withdraw cash and have your benefits paid into it. We offer the card because it has an “envelope” facility, which allows you to set your bill money to one side, knowing that what’s left over is your “spending money”. We offer (and pay for) the service until the end of the programme,a t which point either we can cancel it, or you can take over the small monthly payment. You are not required to have a CredeCard as a condition of joining the programme - but many find that it helps keep their outgoings safe. What happens once I start work? Don’t worry, we won’t desert you! Your Mentor will stay in regular contact for at least the first six weeks, to help you get  though to the first payday, and to help you keep to the plan once that first pay packet arrives. How often will I work with my Mentor? That is a decision that you and your Mentor will make together. Some of our clients receive a daily service, such as vacancy support, whereas some are very independent and may only speak to their Mentor once a month. Your Mentor will suggest a frequency based on our track record of helping people into work. How will my Mentor help me? That completely depends on you! Our service is tailored around each person’s circumstances, barriers to employment, job goals and appetite for change. Your Mentor has access to hundreds of support organisations, as well as being able to directly help you move towards, and into, employment - you will discuss this “menu” of services when you begin MoneyMentor   and each time that the two of you review your progress. Where do you deliver MoneyMentor? Our team are based at Barnet House in Whetstone, along with Barnet Council, Barnet Homes and Jobcentre Plus. Your  Mentor works from there, but can also meet with you at any of the 4 jobcentres, plus community venues in Burnt Oak and North Finchley. MoneyMentor is delivered by Future Path Development CIC (company number 08814779) and funded by the Department for Work & Pensions, in partnership with the London Borough of Barnet. 
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